Ares Demertzis / Sculptor


This site contains an overview of the artists work in the permanent collections of museums, sculpture parks and institutional and private collections, the majority of which is monumental sculpture.

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 Portrait of the Artist
by Luis Miguel Valdes
Drawing on Paper


"No, I'm not a sculptor. I create hieroglyphs, a form of communication using images. My sculptures are more than 'design.' They are ideas."

Quoted from an interview with the Artist by Stephane Champagne in La Voix de l'Est,
Quebec, Canada.

"Non, je ne suis pas un sculpteur. Je fais de hieroglyphes, ce qui est un forme de comunicacion avec des images. Mes sculptures son plus que un 'design.'  Ce sont des idees."


Self-Portrait of the Artist in Stainless Steel
Detail: "Merchantress of Masks"
Photo: Stephane Querbes 

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